Music and Dance awaken memory and emotion in an Alzheimer's World


"Audrey has discovered and opened such a corridor of embedded memory in `Tiny Miracles' through music and dance. The wonderful thing about this is that it not only opens up that memory but also the joy that was associated with it. A tiny miracle, but a big gift."

Stephen  Jones, MD
Chief Safety Officer / Director, Outpatient Ctr Healthy Aging
Greenwich Hospital and Yale New Haven Health Systems

"... what a beautiful film. It's magical. The energy you captured in it, (the Patient's) joy and release in contrast to her resistance and angst is remarkable. You are healing people with your bubbly spirit and beautiful voice and enthusiasm and passion for movement and dance.  I'm weepy and moved and my heart is touched. Tiny Miracles indeed."

Kiara Duran
Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Teacher, and Energy Healer


Learning through music and movement for ages 1 to 6!


"Magic Dance has been a joyous and enriching experience with him. He has developed a love of dance, music, sharing, and most of all, imaginative play thanks to your skill. You have a gift and we are delighted that you share it with not only the kids, but us adults as well. Thank you for all your kindness, gentleness, and fun." 

- The Upsons family

"Another fun A.M. with your CD. If all 4 year olds were like my daughter Anna, you would be J.K. Rowling" 

- Anne 

"Leila will be so sad that there will be no Magic Dance over the summer time...Thanks again for creating such a wonderful class and environment where my daughter can learn and experience music, dance and art. Who knows maybe one day I will send you a link to Leila's latest creation :)

- Aya

"Ariel LOVES her Magic Dance! Please sign us up for Tuesdays in the Fall!"

- Beth

"I personally love how you shift gears from one activity to the next, and exposed Dylan and Aidan to a variety of projects."

- Esra

"Thank you for bringing so much joy and assurance to my son's world. XO"

- Anne Louise