Past Performances


Paris Jazz Lounge, Polpo and JHouse, Greenwich, Ct, 2016

Jazz and Original Songs, Autour De Midi...Et Minuit, Club Riv 38, and Hotel D'Aubuisson, Paris, 2016

Jazz and World Beat Song Soirée, Domaine De Bré, Angers, France

Jazz and World Beat Song Soirées, L'escale Lounge, Greenwich, CT 2015-2016

Jazz and Original Songs, Café Universel, Paris 2015

Ladies Cheap Cocktails, Cloch'Art Peniche Barge, Paris 2007-2014

‘Drenched In Romance,” Top of the Tower, Beekman Tower Hotel 2007

“American Men,” Steinway Hall, New York, Valentines Day, 2000 & 2001

“Kiss Of Fire,” BargeMusic, Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 2000

ASCAP/MAC Original Song Showcase Award, 2001

Original Singer/Songwriter performances, Rockwood Music Hall, Sidewalk Café, Makor, Triad, and Pomaire, New York. 2002 –2005

‘Recipes 1-2-3” Book Party, Windows On The World, World Trade Center, NYC

Originals at Café Universal, Paris, 2005

“An American Evening Of Ballads And Blues,” “ Salsa My Soul,”  “Songs That Dance,”  and“La Vie En Red,” Café Calife and Café Balle Au Bond, Paris, 1999-2002

Jazz Standards, Le Bilboquet, Caveau De La Huchette, and Chez Papa, Paris, 2002

Originals and Jazz Standards, Club Chelsea, Aspen, Colorado, 2001 and 2002

Fourth Of July Jazz Standards, American Consulate, Lyons, France, 2000 and 2001

Originals and Jazz Standards, Nascimento and Boom, New York, 2000 and 2001

Maze Of Passion Street Happening Collaboration with Audrey’s songs translated into dance and a painted maze, Art To The Avenue, Greenwich, Ct., 2004 & 2005

Originals, Sono Caffeine, South Norwalk, monthly, 2002 -2005

Latin and French Jazz, and Spanish Tangos, the Tango evening at Café Rue and La Tavola, Greenwich, Ct., 2002 and 2003

Jazz and Cabaret at private parties, New York, Greenwich, Paris, and Palm Beach, 2000-2003